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Meet Our Partners

VSTE partners with many organizations and community programs all designed to benefit our membership and Society. Partnerships may involve financial support, program support, endorsements, advertising, conference sponsorships, or member benefits.

VSTE members can enjoy savings from the following organizations:

VCU Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning: VSTE members can become part of a cohort in this 17-credit, online program.

The Big Deal Book of Technology: Big Deal Books provides an online newsletter full of news and information of interest to K-12 educators and related to educational technology. In addition, printed copies are provided free of charge at conference and learning events. Visit the Big Deal Book archive.

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills National Action Agenda on 21st Century Skills: VSTE is a signatory for this initiative that seeks to clearly define and advance 21st century skills and core content in the United States. We support their goal of seeking out and developing ways in which states, school districts, educators, organizations and policy-makers can collaborate to build an education system that better prepares our students for today’s world.