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Get Involved



Make VSTE Part of Your Learning Community

There are so many ways to get involved, we probably don’t even know them all.  Some are traditions but some haven’t been invented yet.  See what excites you and talk to us.

The first step is to JOIN!  Membership is complimentary but will help you keep up to date with all our events, activities and resources.  Learn more about membership in VSTE.

Face to Face Activities  - Join us in our prize winning efforts. Consider becoming part of the team that plans and implements the world famous VSTE Annual Technology in Education Conference, the one-day CTO Clinic or other Learning Events held throughout the state, throughout the year.

Online Professional Development - VSTE relies on cutting edge technology to share effective professional development materials and information online.  VSTELive!, our occassional webinar, features educators who are using technology in innovative, exciting ways to support teaching and learning.

Professional Learning Networks - VSTE is developing professional learning networks focused on particular areas of educational technology.  The Virtual Environment PLN (VE PLN) is involved in professional development related to Virtual Worlds including Second Life, Minecraft and other environments.

Social Networking - VSTE provides many ways for you to connect with other educators across the state, the country, and the world!  Use the links at the bottom of the page to get involved in our various networks.

Board Committees - Something new!  Interested in getting involved in the workings of the organization?  Want to be part of discussions, planning and even implementation?  Why not start with a Board committee? These committees focus on areas like membership; advocacy; innovation; awards, grants, and scholarships; and education and programs.

Interested? - To be considered for any of these activities, contact us for further information about getting involved.