Anita Harris


Photo of smiling woman with curly hair and a flowered dressAnita Harris
Instructional Technology Specialist
Cumberland County Public Schools

Educational Leadership Experience

As a classroom teacher, I was chosen to participate on the school leadership team, provide professional development and also be a technology lead teacher. I moved into the ITRT role and has been providing leadership, support and professional development to teachers, students and administrators. I also volunteer for several organizations including VSTE and ISTE, teach online courses for PBS TeacherLine and WHRO, present at conferences and currently serve as a VSTE Board Director, Secretary and Outreach Committee Chair.

Vision for VSTE

My vision for VSTE is for this organization to reach into every Virginia region seeking education advocates who are innovators and leaders in their districts that will also volunteer their time to help VSTE continue to provide professional development opportunities for educators, leaders and students so that all will seek to become more Future Ready. Also, as education continues to evolve, new challenges arise. VSTE leaders and members will need to continue to be flexible, adapt to new changes, collaborate and always seek ways to best support all stakeholders from every school and district across our state through helping to change the mindsets of community, school, and state leaders who are the final decision makers. Finally, my vision for VSTE is also to continue to move beyond borders to partner with other state and national organizations in advocating for educational technology access, tools, funding and support for all learners.

Biographical Sketch

I have been in education for over 20 years. I left the traditional classroom in 2006 to move into the Instructional Technology arena. I am an avid Social Media "Butterfly" who uses Twitter as my own Personal Learning Network where I learns and share anything and everything about education and especially educational technology. I have made it my life goal of being an “EdTech advocate who always seeks, always learns and always shares”.  My favorite quote is: "Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers. Or, you can grow weeds." ~ Jason Mraz ~