Big Deal Media, November 1, 2016


VSTE partners with Big Deal Media to bring you the best in online resources, grant and competition opportunities and more. In this edition, you can Go Inside the Body, Imagine the Future, Become a Science Sleuth & More.

Here are a few of our favorites from this sure to check the full Big Deal Book for more great resources!

K–12 Computer Science Framework

Developed by the Association for Computing Machinery,, the Computer Science Teachers Association, the Cyber Innovation Center, and the National Math and Science Initiative, the recently published K–12 Computer Science Framework provides a set of core concepts and practices for teaching computer science.

Digitally Reconstructed House in Pompeii

Archeologists have digitally reconstructed a house in Pompeii to show what life must have been like for a rich Roman banker 2,000 years ago. The Italian city was famously buried in volcanic ash—and frozen in time—in 79 CE, when Mount Vesuvius erupted. Since 2000 the Swedish Pompeii Project has been working to document an entire city block, or insula, in close detail. This block included three big estates, a tavern, a laundry, a bakery, and several gardens.

Interactive, Augmented Reality Storybook

The educational software company Alive Studios has introduced a new augmented reality printed storybook, Amos Alligator Arrives at the Airport, into its current line of reading and math programs for preK–grade 3 children. The new interactive storybook is one of only a handful in early education that uses the emerging technology of augmented reality.

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Big Deal Book, November 1, 2016

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