CETL Certification Snapshot: Kevin Perkins


VSTE is the state chapter of CoSN. The VSTE CoSN Council provides professional development of interest to school divisios technology and instruction leaders.

CoSN sponsors the CETL Certification. Becoming a Certified Education Technology Leader demonstrates to your staff, superintendent, and other stakeholders that you have mastered the knowledge and skills needed to define the vision for and successfully build 21st century learning environments in your school district.

Kevin Perkins, Supervisor of Technology at Rockingham County Public Schools, is a recently certified leader. He believes the certification has made him a better leader:

One of the main reasons I pursued the CETL certification was for personal fulfillment and professional growth. When I was awarded the opportunity for a technology leadership position, I was lacking any formal license or certiperkinsfication. The CETL Certification identified the knowledge and skills that are required to be an effective technology leader with the COSN Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO.  Obtaining the CETL Certification gave me the ability to prove that I had the knowledge necessary to be a successful technology leader. . Having the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and peers while going through the process of preparing for the CETL exam has been invaluable.  For me, earning the CETL certification has been  rewarding both personally and professionally.

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