Connected Educator Month Webinars


VSTE will be hosting three webinars for Connected Educator Month.  All of them will be held in our Adobe Connect meeting room:

Wednesday, October 21, 7 PM: Learning and Making
Join Meg Swecker and Tina Coffey from Roanoke County to learn how they are implementing engineering and design through makerspaces.

Missed It? You can listen to the archived recording here.

Monday, October 26, 8 PM: Minecrafting History: Iterative learning, virtual environments and you
Join educators from The Madeira School as they share how Minecraft can be used as a meaningful tool for curriculum and student engagement in the history classroom. It will also discuss the importance of virtual environments, world building and citizenship as part of a social sciences course. There will be classroom examples, lesson artifacts and student observations regarding their experiences in-game to help demonstrate why the Minecraft enabled classroom offers a safe, iterative environment as well as meaningful learning experiences for students of all levels of digital literacy.

Missed It? You can listen to the archived recording here and view the interactive Sway presentation here.

Wednesday, October 28, 7 PM: Coding for Students and Teachers
Join Marnie Hawk from Loudoun County and Charles Hinsch from Virginia Beach as they talk about how they are implementing coding programs for students and teachers. Marnie will describe the C.A.M.S. pilot program at Blue Ridge Middle School while Charlie discusses his work with teaching programming to adults as part of professional development.

Missed it? You can listen to the archived recording here.