Free Webinar Series: District Digital Conversion Framework

District Digital Conversion Framework Webinar Series

What Can You Expect to Learn During the series of 3 District Digital Conversion webinars?

Learn how key findings from Project Red have influenced the 10 Lessons Learned in the McGraw Hill Education Digital Conversion Framework.  Find out key considerations when creating a sustainable, digital ecosystem.

During the first webinar, we will work through the framework and unpack two-three of the key lessons learned and how they impact digital conversion.

During the next two webinars, we’ll build on those lessons learned and work through the rest. Whether your district is in the architecture phase, have rolled out a 1:1 initiative already, or don’t know where to begin, the Lessons Learned can assist all districts.

You’ll also learn how McGraw Hill Education has partnered with Future Ready Schools and exclusive offers to Future Ready districts. Participants are encourage to ask questions and will be asked to provide feedback on their successes, challenges, and asked to participate in polling questions throughout the webinar.

Three webinars, held Wednesdays, March 11, 25, and April 1, at 7:30 PM, will focus on the lessons provided in the white paper District Digital Conversion: Empowering Personalized Learning including information on digital framework, teacher growth, digital teaching practices, and ten key district digital conversion lessons.
VSTE is partnering with McGraw Hill Education to provide a free webinar series focused on the overarching question: How do we go from a status quo, paper driven organization, to a more progressive and engaging digital school system? Digital school districts are fast becoming the new normal and new ways of measuring efficiency and effectiveness will emerge that will make this discussion more routine. Districts about to start, or those who have initiated their digital conversions, may find the lessons learned and the District Digital Conversion Framework helpful in improving your current efforts.