Michael Speidel, M.Ed.


Michael Speidel, M.Ed.
Instructional Designer
Loudoun County Public Schools



Educational Leadership Experience

As a leader and manager I am seen as an innovator. I establish 21st Century vision of the classroom and determine where teachers and instruction need to be and establish practices to facilitate the change process. This is not a passive process. Rather, I focus on actions that make desired outcomes come to fruition. As an educational leader I am always looking for opportunities to make quality improvements that benefit student learning. My leadership style is results-driven where all of my actions are centered on improving teaching and learning in the classroom.

Vision for VSTE

Educational technology is in a very exciting position. With the addition of Virtual Reality, Makerspaces and Personalized Learning I think VSTE is in a unique position. My ideal vision for VSTE is to be a leader in promoting educational innovation and supporting the integration of 21st century skills that educators and students need to succeed in a media-centric, global society. My long term goal of VSTE is to provide the entire educational community professional development and support the integration of existing and emerging technologies and facilitate global collaboration.

Biographical Sketch

I have been working in Loudoun County Public Schools since 1999 serving as a SPED Teacher, Technology Resource Teacher, Staff Development Trainer, and now Instructional Designer. As an Instructional Designer for Loudoun County Public Schools my primary responsibilities are to design online learning experiences that support our online high school, professionally develop and create supportive structures for teachers to create and implement technology rich lessons and engage their students in authentic learning experiences. In addition to supporting the online high school, I am also the system admin for multiple services such as Loudoun’s Learning Management System and Google Apps for Education.