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May 2, 2022
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay
Interactives Fostering Authentic Scientific Exploration

NOVA Labs is a free digital platform from PBS, where teen “citizen scientists” can actively participate in the scientific process and take part in real-world investigations. From predicting solar storms and constructing renewable energy systems to tracking cloud movement and designing RNA molecules, NOVA Labs participants visualize, analyze, and share the same data that scientists use.

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US Supreme Court’s Contributions to the Nation’s Constitutional Heritage

In the majesty of its settings and moments of ritual, the US Supreme Court brings its distinctive manner of working in public—by listening to one lawyer at a time and asking tough questions. Its atmosphere mixes informality with dramatic tension. InHeritage, the Supreme Court Historical Society’s new website, offers educational resources on how the court works and landmark cases.

Funding & Recognition
Dollars to Dashboards: A Winning Strategy to Combat ESSER Misconceptions

“Didn’t schools get $200 billion? Where did all that money go?!” Media headlines are buzzing with questions about stimulus dollars. Meanwhile, many districts haven’t even received ESSER III funds yet. The complexities inherent in receiving and spending ESSER funds, along with headlines and reports questioning how districts are spending these grants, have resulted in public confusion and mistrust about the mechanics and use of these critical federal funds. How can your district rise above the noise and share financial information in a way that makes sense? Find out here.
Professional Growth
Research at the Crossroads of Story, Media, and Social Awareness

X-Media Lab, a research hub in Harvard Graduate School of Education, works at the crossroads of education, media, digital technology, and prevention science—leveraging the power of stories.
Robotics Curriculum Developing Computational Thinking Skills

Developed by researchers at TERC and Tuft University’s Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO), the Designing Biomimetic Robots curriculum challenges middle school students to learn about biomimicry by interweaving engineering, biology, robotics, and computer programming concepts through a series of engaging and practical tasks.

Funding & Recognition
Creating Impactful Proposals to Get the Funds You Need

If your need is not communicated well, your proposal loses impact. GetEdFunding, a grant-finding resource sponsored by CDW•G, presents a video (“How to Get a Grant: What’s Most Important?”) offering tips to make sure you express the reason for your need clearly and effectively.

Image by just-pics from Pixabay 
Digital Learning • Learning Support
Digitized, Curated Collection of Museum Activities

The Museums for Digital Learning (MDL) is a way for museums of all disciplines to leverage digitized museum collections to help K–12 educators and students. The MDL learning platform provides educators with authentic, curated museum collection resources to help inspire their students.

Mobile Learning
App to Build a 3D World in Augmented Reality

Sandbox AR from Discovery Education is an award-winning digital media platform that serves more than 4.5 million students worldwide across 140 countries. The free augmented reality app, available on iPad only at the time of the launch, takes advantage of the device’s camera, display, motion sensors, and high-speed processors to meld reality and digital creations.

Professional Growth
Join Us at the Idea Incubator for Learning

ISTE is back in person for ISTELive 22June 26–29, in New Orleans!

When you register, you’ll not only have the chance to participate in more than 800 learning opportunities presented by global experts, you’ll also get to collaborate, share, and see your community again. And ISTE has designed this event for every comfort level, so you can do all of that in person or virtually.

You’ll come away bursting with ideas that will pay dividends throughout the year—and beyond. ISTELive is no longer just a four-day event—it’s customized, flexible, year-round professional development.

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Video Series Supporting Positive Identity-Building in Young Children

Amanda Gorman has kicked off a new “Word of the Day” video series from Sesame Workshop. Produced in partnership with WarnerMedia Kids & Family, the series harnesses the power of language to nurture children’s positive and healthy sense of self.
Funding & Recognition
Scholarship for Uplifting Women in STEM

Evolving the world in which we live toward a more equitable future with uplifting women who will help shape it is the aim of the third annual Hyundai Women in STEM Scholarship.

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Online Civic-Oriented Film Competition

The Civic Life Project's Democracy 2022 Youth Film Challenge is a global film competition for youth under age 25 to generate civics-oriented videos that ultimately create a groundbreaking movement for young Americans to get engaged in our democracy and to vote.

Social Media
Education-Related Conversations on Social Media

TweetMeets are monthly conversations on Twitter about education-related topics. At event times, anyone can join and respond to five discussion questions.
Mobile Learning
Journey Through the History of Art in Augmented Reality

Developed by Artebinaria, Artinside Museum offers users a visit in augmented reality to an imaginary museum in which 100 masterpieces from the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries are exhibited in the space around them, in life size, within four collections and twenty exhibition rooms.

Professional Growth
STEM Professional Development to Improve Student Achievement

With the goal of improving student achievement, NASA’s US Satellite Laboratory offers exemplary STEM educator professional development, mentoring, and standards-based curricula, utilizing technology as a tool for understanding while engaging students in meaningful contexts.

Social Media
Network for Sharing Educational Strategies and Resources

Pedagogue is a social media network where educators can share advice, strategies, tools, hacks, resources, and more, and work together to improve their teaching skills and the academic performance of the students in their charge.