Do you have Zoom fatigue? Are you tired of being on camera? Would you like a better way to meet with your colleagues? Get your avatar on with members of the VSTE VIrtual Environments Personal Learning Network!


Meet with colleagues in the virtual world of Second Life, without ever leaving your home. Using an avatar you can get together with educators from around the world to collaborate, create, connect, and chat through text and voice.


If you don’t already have an avatar, follow the directions in the presentation linked below. You will need an hour or so to get set up before joining us at VSTE Space in Second Life. From there we will teleport to an amusement park full of fun activities: water slide, roller coaster, bumper boats, scrambler, etc!


Getting Started Networking in Second Life – Presentation


If you are in a hurry and want to bypass setting up an avatar, email Kim Harrson ( ) for a link to join a Google Meet. Kim will share her screen of the activity through the Google Meet


Interested in learning more….

This movie by ISTE from 2008 shows testimonials from educators using Second Life for teaching, learning, and fun.


Shared by: Kim Harrison (Thunder Insippo) @K4sons, Lisa Alconcel (Jazmemo Zimminy) @LAlconcel
Image Credit: Kim Harrison