This is really more just an idea for using two tools that you may already be using for virtual learning but using them together can transform your online instruction.

So you may be using Zoom for hosting those daily or weekly class meetings, lecturing, host small group instructional sessions, or just hosting virtual office hours.  But the problem is the longer those sessions are the more unengaged students become.  Sure most video conferencing platforms have tools built-in for polling but that’s often not robust enough to truly engage students like you could in the classroom.

Well, if you created a Nearpod lesson that you could share with your students during your live session, they could be participating with you every step of the way!  Plus you’re going to collect that formative data that will help you to stay on top of any learning deficits that may exist.   The great thing about Nearpod is their vast library of content that you can easily adapt for your classroom.  Plus, they have tons of VR lessons and virtual field trips to get your learners excited and keep them engaged throughout your lesson.

To learn more about Nearpod and all of the latest features check out their blog,    They also have Camp Engage an online virtual PD August 3-14 that can help you gear up for the path ahead!

Shared by: Heather B. Askea, @heatheraskea
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