With advances in AI, it is more important than ever that we consider how humans and computers will interact. How do you want the robots of the future to behave towards you and others? For this activity, your students will design a robot to solve a real-world problem. They will tell the story of their robot by creating a zine that includes a design sketch, details about how their robot will use sensors to sense the world around it and a code of conduct for how their robot will interact with humans.

This can be done as a standalone activity or can be extended to take the robot design to the next level. Typically, I would have students prototype their robot design with the Hummingbird Robotics kit. During distance learning, students  had a choice to extend by:

  • Breaking the story of their robot design through a news video
  • Showing their robot design in action in Scratch
  • Prototyping their robot design with household items and capturing some stop motion action
  • Creating a slide deck with an elevator pitch for investors

Shared by: Kim Wilkens (@missbitbytes)
Image Credit: Kim Wilkens (@missbitbytes)